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This is where you will find little people dressed in costumes and cool clothing. The inspiration for making dolls came just before my son's first Christmas.

I wanted to make him girl and boy playmates, huggable companions he could carry around with him and take on his adventures. They were an instant hit!
Following my initial success I looked to Leo for more inspiration and this is where boy in a bearsuit came from, a cheeky smiling boy dressed in soft brown fur, with freckles and a felt fringe. The cogs began to turn...

Robot boy, Spaceboy, Cat Girl and friends started emerging from my kitchen, each with their own personality and sense of fun.
They are lovingly crafted using new and recycled fabrics and measure approximately 18". Dressed in a variety of guises, both traditional and quirky, they are perfect to take to imaginary tea parties, on digger driving expeditions and antics in the park.

All the dolls can be altered for a bespoke touch, please feel free to make an enquiry.


Unless stated otherwise, all girl and boy dolls who are not in costume are priced at £26 + £5.00 postage.

Children in costume are individually priced between £26.00 and £38.00 plus £5.00 postage.

How to buy

The simplest way to purchase your doll is to contact me first, either by clicking "contact" at the top of the page or by emailing karen@guiseanddolls.me. I will be happy to take your order and discuss any bespoke details with you.


The PayPal payment address is also karen@guiseanddolls.me. A PayPal invoice can be sent on request. Further dolls and pricing can be found on my Facebook page; Visit facebook Guiseanddolls!